US Gustavo San Martín
Dux Financial Officer
Gustavo San Martín
Gustavo has studies at Universidad Veracruzana, in Campus Poza Rica - Tuxpan, where he obtained a Degree in Accounting and Finance. Further on, he obtained a Masters Degree from IEU (Instituto de Estudios Universitarios), where he could manage a broad amount of knowledge regarding investment project valuation techniques. Gustavo served as General & Administrative Director in a company dedicated to the manufacture of specialized equipment for PEMEX (Petroleos Mexicanos), where he was responsible for the administration of diverse projects. Currently, Gustavo works at BackStartup, Colombian company dedicated to provide accounting services for startups, where he serves as accountant and financial consultor for 8 companies, including DUX’s portfolio companies, to which he has given specialized advice on accounting, legal, and financial subjects.
"I love guiding entrepreneurs through the accounting and financial principles, subject which can teach them how to properly understand their company."
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