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Pablo Aguirre
Prior to Dux Capital, Pablo worked at Grupo Petroquímico Beta, a well-known Mexican ethoxylating company. As an analyst, Pablo, worked in conjunction with several other engineers in the development and testing of formulations using small-scale reactors & a broad spectrum of analytical techniques. Additionally, he was part of the team, responsible for executing one of the biggest technology transfers in the history of GPB, with one of the most important petrochemical companies internationally, based in Berlin.   Pablo has a broad interest in Computer Science, and holds several certificates from Machine Learning courses imparted by distinguished institutions such as MIT and IBM, among others. He is passionate about disruptive innovation in the scientific field, and seeks to find opportunities with the potential to make changes of global impact.   Pablo is currently studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering at Universidad Iberoamericana, where he has worked in Bioengineering projects focused on sustainable development, assisting some of the most renowned academics in the field.
"Applying the scientific method, gives you a whole new perspective on approaching even the most elemental challenge."
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