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Legal Specialist
Rodolfo Moreno
As Legal Specialist of Dux Capital, Rodolfo helps lead the legal aspects and risk prevention related to VC. He serves as key liaison between portfolio company’s business and legal necessities. In doing this, along with Dux Capital’s team, he is helping build a better tomorrow for Mexico. Prior to Dux Capital, Rodolfo was part of the Antitrust & Competition Team of Creel, García-Cuéllar Aiza y Enríquez, a globally renowned law firm, and of the Translation Team of Capital Translation Group. Rodolfo recently graduated from Universidad Panamericana’s Law School, having studied a semester at Suffolk University Law School as an Exchange Student in Boston, Massachusetts, one of the entrepreneurial hubs in America. Currently studying his postgraduate degree in Commercial Law at Universidad Panamericana. He is fluent in Spanish, English and has great control of the French language      
“Law seems to be archaic and lacking innovation, VC is the perfect way through that years old barrier.”
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