US Susana Espinosa de los Reyes
Susana Espinosa de los Reyes
Susana is the newest addition to the DUX capital team, even though her collaboration goes back to more than five years. As an investor, Susana has a diversity and inclusion focus after co-founding Mujeres Invirtiendo, an industry focused NGO to promote and empower the role of female investors in the Private Equity industry.  Susana holds an MBA from Instituto de Empresa Madrid (IE Business School), and a Master’s in International Development from ITAM where she previously studied her Bachelor’s in Administration. Prior to joining Dux Capital, Susana was Portfolio Manager for Angel Ventures, a top-tier VC fund in the region. There, Susana was in charge of the day to day of portfolio companies in order to help them develop and grow. Susana has expertise managing companies from their seed stage up to their exit strategy. At the same time, she was involved in all the fundraising activities of Angel Venture’s second fund. Aside from this, Susana has an entrepreneurial expertise founding Carpe Diem a boutique mindful training fitness studio in Mexico where she currently holds a seat on their Board.
"Never has the need to innovate and be entrepreneurial been more urgent"
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