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We invest in US-based early-stage startups led by Latinx founders. We seek to collaborate with fully committed and passionate entrepreneurs, which innovate in high-growth industries.

We work with you on the trenches, without ceasing to embrace the same dreams that you have. We understand that money, professional experience, and access to a great network of contacts are essential parts of any business, yet we believe that our main differentiator is our unconditional commitment to achieve joint success. We get as excited as you do every time an accomplishment is made, but we also stand alongside you, we get our hands dirty with you, not only providing tangible resources, but also serving as support whenever things go south.


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· We invest in seed stage startups founded by Latinx founders.
· We love 100% committed and coachable founders with great capabilities.
· We look for products or services with early traction, with great competitive advantages in an addressable market larger than $1 billion USD.
· We help create a sustainable business model.

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· We create value by working shoulder to shoulder with entrepreneurs, with the sole objective of boosting each startup’s growth.

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· We target 10x returns in our investments.
· We carefully seek for appropriate partners with whom to make the transactions.